Parliamentary Groups do not receive any money from Parliament or Government and therefore must find funding from outside sources if they require support. Supporters are declared on the Group’s register entry in line with Parliamentary Rules (there may be a delay before appearing).

Below are details of organisations or individuals that have provided the Parliamentary Golf Group with support in the last year or that the Group supports.

If you are interested supporting the Group, please contact us.

The R&A

Based in St Andrews, The R&A runs The Open, elite amateur events, international matches and rankings. Together The R&A and the USGA govern the sport of golf worldwide, operating in separate jurisdictions but sharing a commitment to a single code for the Rules of Golf, Rules of Amateur Status and Equipment Standards. The R&A governs worldwide, outside of the United States and Mexico, with the consent of 152 organisations from amateur and professional golf and on behalf of over 30 million golfers in 138 countries.

The R&A is committed to working for golf and supports the growth of the sport internationally and the development and management of sustainable golf facilities.

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The PGA was formed in 1901 and is the world’s oldest professional golfers’ association. Based at Centenary House at the famous Belfry home of four Ryder Cup Matches. The PGA has 7,500 members including 1,600 working overseas across 70 countries. The PGA is one of golf’s leading bodies and committed to growing and developing the game nationally and internationally through its academies and the expertise of its professionals.

The PGA is recognised as a significant and responsible influence within the game of golf, identifying and fulfilling the needs and interests of the membership, acting as custodians for the traditions of the game, whilst promoting golf for the benefit for all.

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PING is a 100% family-owned company founded in 1959 in the garage of Karsten Solheim, where he designed his first PING putter. The company is now one of the leading golf brands in the world. Led by innovation, design and quality, PING makes high-performance golf clubs for all golfers to be able to play their best. Now run by Chairman, John Solheim, the company is recognised as the pioneer and leader in custom-fitted golf clubs. PING has strongly supported ladies golf for many decades and this is recognised by the Solheim Cup, played biennially by teams from Europe and the USA.

PING builds its clubs in Phoenix and Tokyo, and in Gainsborough, the home of its European headquarters.

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UK Golf Federation

The UK Golf Federation was formed with its main aim of improving open access to golf for everyone – this has two main strands:

  • To help and support venues providing open access to golfers
  • To help golfers find user-friendly venues

There are great benefits to membership at present and these will grow over the coming months, however, maybe the best benefit is that as members we stand together as golf facility owners or operators and try to maximise our position in the golfing market as key providers of excellent golfing facilities and service.  Also of course, we promote golf participation through our open access to golf facilities.

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The BGIA is the lead trade body for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of golf products and services in the UK.  Our members represent a large proportion of the UK golf industry and some of the world’s biggest sporting brands.  With links to many of golf’s most iconic players, the BGIA’s influence is substantial through both traditional and social media.  With over 2 million followers on social media, our reach extends to the golfing community and beyond.

BGIA members invest millions into the game, constantly developing solutions to improve player experience. Our members’ close connections to local golf communities, players, businesses and golf clubs means that the BGIA is highly instrumental in the promotion of golf to the widest possible audiences.

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For more than 30 years Syngenta has been a market leader in the global golf industry, creating innovative turf management solutions for golf courses which meet stringent regulation and the highest standards of responsible care and stewardship for human and environmental safety.

As an industry leader, we care not only for the health, quality and consistency of golf courses, we care about the health of the game itself and the industry’s long-term business sustainability.

This is why Syngenta has been investing in golf from the ground up, producing ground breaking global market research, and delivering valuable industry insights in an effort to help golf unlock it’s true potential.

In 2019, we launched Growing Golf, a campaign which aims to:

  • Share industry insights
  • Celebrate game-changers
  • Support women in golf

We are committed to The R&A’s Women in Golf Charter and putting research into action with the award-winning women only group coaching program:

Growing Golf has engaged more than 1000 key industry stakeholders in 225 organizations across 27 countries. 

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MR Sport

MR Sport delivers public affairs and policy services to sports bodies and organisations with an interest in sport.

It creates, manages and delivers sporting and sports-related events, and supports organisations commercially.

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