What are the best brands of golf clubs for beginners?

If you’re new to golf, finding the right set of golf clubs to start your journey can be a daunting task. To make buying your first set as easy as possible, we’ve put together this guide to the best brands of golf clubs for beginners to advise you on the process, whether you need to be custom fitted, how much you should spend and so you can buy your first set with confidence.

The best sets of golf clubs are designed for new players and all the clubs in the bag will provide a lot of forgiveness. They also tend to have thicker top lines, so when you look down at the ball they will give you more confidence.

Most of these golf club sets include all the clubs you need to get started: a driver, a fairway wood, a hybrid club, a set or half set of irons and a putter.

In this list we have included stick packages of different prices but, regardless of that, all beginner sets will be a good investment that will last you as long as you need.

Let’s start with the models below.

What are the best brands of golf club sets for beginners?

Here are some of the best complete sets of golf clubs for beginners:

No. Best brands of golf club sets for beginners
1. STRATA – Men’s golf club package
2. TaylorMade – RBZ Speedlite – Complete set of 13 parts
3. Callaway Golf Warbird 10 piece package set
4. Macgregor CG3000 set of golf clubs
5. Wilson prostaff SGI
6. Cobra Fly XL Speed
7. Wilson Ultra XD
8. TourEdge Bazooka 270
9. Fazer CTR22

STRATA – Men’s golf club package

Number of suits: 12, 14 or 16 suits.


  • Good amount of sticks.
  • Quality manufacturing.
  • Easy to use.


  • The putter is of mediocre quality.

The only equipment missing in Strata’s 12, 14 or 16 piece set is a dozen balls and a tee bag. It consists of driver, 3 wood, 4 and 5 hybrid, 6 to 9 iron, PW and SW, putter, stand bag, 4 head covers.

They are forgiving and easy to hit, and while they may not have the same premium look and feel as Callaway’s higher-end products, there is no doubting the performance they deliver.

There is room to add to the set, a wedge department, which is where we will up the game. You might consider a Callaway Mack Daddy CB wedge or two. The putter leaves much to be desired, and replacing it with a cheap putter under 100 euros would complete this excellent value set.

TaylorMade – RBZ Speedlite – Complete set of 13 parts

Number of clubs : 13 clubs


  • Good composition of the set.
  • Adaptable to all levels.


  • The trolley bag leaves much to be desired.

Whatever your skill level, every golfer wants something that looks stylish and attractive, and this set delivers. The irons have a top line that is thick enough to inspire confidence when setting, but without being too coarse and unattractive. The gray finish on the crown of the metal timbers is combined with a little flash of green: they look magnificent.

We were impressed with the performance they offer. In particular, the whole set is easy to use and has great forgiveness. TaylorMade has designed a line of 14 clubs that we think has real mass appeal. For those who don’t want to adjust but are looking for a quality set that performs and looks good, the TaylorMade RBZ SpeedLite is worth considering, although the bag is designed more for use on a cart than for carrying.

Callaway Golf Warbird 10 piece package set

Number of clubs : 10 clubs


  • Irons and woods provide the ideal combination of distance and forgiveness.
  • Comes with a premium Odyssey putter.


  • Although the included carrying bag is well made and roomy, it is necessary to invest in a trolley to use it.

Not all major golf brands cater to golfers who just want a set to start playing. However, Callaway is very active in this part of the market, with sets like the Warbird, aimed at high handicap players and those who want to improve their game.

The set is designed to deliver exceptional distance while maintaining forgiveness through some of the oversized attributes of its head design. It comes with a 5 iron up to a sand wedge and the driver and three wood come with head covers as well.

With 10 clubs, beginners really get the complete package, and it includes a premium Odyssey putter, which more than justifies the price of the set. There is a theory that if you spend this kind of money, you can also do a custom fit, but the fact is that not everyone wants to go that route.

This package is the closest thing to a premium set of golf clubs at an affordable price. If you were to assemble this set of golf clubs in the store, you would have to spend around €1300, so even though it is one of the most expensive sets on our list, it still represents excellent value for money.

Macgregor CG3000 set of golf clubs

Number of clubs : 10 clubs


  • Complete set.
  • Includes a decent trolley bag.


  • The included grips could be better.

MacGregor may not be considered a premium brand in the modern market, but it has a long and distinguished history in the game. While their packages won’t cost you an arm and a leg, that doesn’t mean they lack innovation.

The CG3000 is an entry-level set, with the 13° driver, low-profile fairway and hybrid designed to be easy to hit. Meanwhile, the irons (available in steel and graphite) feature a lowered cavity to keep the center of gravity low and deep, so golfers should find them easier to launch.

Considering that you also get a mallet style putter and the choice of a premium stand or cart bag, there is no doubt that this set offers excellent value for the money. In addition, MacGregor offers 1″ longer or shorter steel stand options with the clubs, making them suitable for taller and shorter golfers.

Wilson pro Staff SGI

Number of clubs : 10 clubs


  • It comes with two hybrid sticks that are ideal for beginners.
  • 10 sticks and a bag is enough for those who are new to the game.


  • No putter head cover.

If you’re new to golf, you want all the help you can get the ball in the air, and you also need a lot of forgiveness when you can’t find the center of the clubface. The Wilson sweet spots are large and forgiving, each club frames the ball in a way that inspires confidence, and the irons feature a low center of gravity for high launch. Meanwhile, the sand wedge’s wide sole makes it easy to get out of bunkers, an aspect of the game that beginners may struggle with.

This set comes with a 10.5° driver, a three wood, a hybrid, a 6 iron and a sand wedge and an excellent matching putter. Other sets may come with more sticks (this is a 10-piece set), but it means you can add additional sticks, perhaps as your game improves. The best golf club sets for beginners don’t have to be really expensive either, as this set demonstrates.

Cobra Fly XL Speed

Number of clubs : 10 clubs


  • Top quality clubs from a great brand.
  • Graphite shaft irons are light and easy to cast.


  • You may need to invest in a trolley for the stock exchange.

Another premium option on this list of the best golf club sets for beginners. This set comes with 10 clubs in total that includes a 10.5°, 460cc driver, a 5 wood and an easy-to-hit hybrid club.

These irons (6-SW) are made with graphite shafts instead of steel, which makes them really light and allows the ball to launch more easily. This shaft composition is ideal if you are a senior golfer starting out for the first time or just prefer a lighter feel.

The included trolley bag is of high quality as well but this means that you may have to invest in a trolley to put it in. Overall, this is another great high quality set, ideal for the beginner who has been committed to playing golf for a while and wants some quality clubs to match their ambitions in the game.

Wilson Ultra XD

Number of clubs : 9 clubs


  • Quality bag that can be used on a trolley or as a carry bag.
  • Elegant and discreet style.


  • There is no putter head cover.

Another great beginner’s package deal from Wilson, which makes many such sets. The irons (6-SW) are particularly forgiving and the 10.5° driver, 3-wood and 4-hybrid launch very easily thanks to the lightweight graphite shafts used.

The driver is the highlight of this set, with its large head and offset, which provides a lot of confidence to the beginner golfer, as the driver is often the hardest club in the bag to hit. This set also comes with head covers and a rain hood, although there is no putter head cover which is disappointing.

TourEdge Bazooka 270

Number of poles : 11 poles


  • Ease of reaching long distances.
  • 7-piece iron set…


  • The putter is not very forgiving.

This 11-stick set is built for forgiveness and power, as the name implies. The iron set can be a really frustrating part of the game for beginners, but these oversized irons (5-SW) feature an undercut cavity to create a larger sweet spot for a higher, more forgiving launch.

With this help, beginners will find it easier to make the ball fly, which will make the game much more enjoyable. Although some beginners may benefit more from using a mallet-style putter with more stability, the Bazooka blade is simple to align.

Fazer CTR22

Number of clubs : 10 clubs


  • Lightweight and spaciousness of the bag.
  • Great utility for beginners who are not ready to fully commit to the game.


  • A lower price means that there is a visible loss of quality.

Entry level golfers have everything they need with this set to get out and enjoy the golf course for the first time. Beginners may tend to swing faster, and while some players might want to slow it down, the oversize driver is reinforced for golfers with fast swing speeds.

Meanwhile, the irons (6-SW) feature heel and toe weighting, a wide sole and a thicker topline. What does this mean? Well, it promotes greater balance and stability, as well as more forgiveness, which is the kind of package most beginners need.

How we test the assemblies

Golf club sets are no exception when it comes to our testing ethics and methodology. We test sets on the course and over several rounds to see how they perform on different courses and in different conditions. In addition, we want to make it very clear that no manufacturer can buy a good review because our test equipment says how it is, and we often have to buy the sets ourselves to test them.

How to choose a set of clubs for beginners

If you are new to golf and need to know what factors to look out for when buying clubs, here are some tips:

  • What comes in the set. The nice thing about golf is that if you want to buy individual clubs for your bag you can do so, but you can also get complete sets with a single purchase. When doing the latter, it’s worth checking which clubs come as part of the set to make sure you have all the bases covered, and it’s also worth getting a bag with the set.
  • Quality. A common problem with beginner sets can be quality. Unlike the models we have chosen above, many can be poorly made and have problems with the head, shaft or grip, or even all three. Therefore, it is worth opting for the most respected brands in the golf world, as the products have been manufactured correctly and designed to help beginners as much as possible. The dominance of Wilson and Callaway in this area is a case in point.
  • Forgiveness. The main factor when looking specifically at clubs is forgiveness. The most common problem for beginning players is mis-hits that limit distance and hinder accuracy. Beginner golf clubs are designed to have larger heads and sweet spots, and therefore more forgiveness to help players make solid contact with the golf ball.
  • Price. Obviously, there are different sets at different prices, so it is worth thinking about whether you want to spend more or less here.

Which clubs should a beginner’s set have?

A beginner in golf needs to keep things as simple as possible and the same can be said for clubs. Most beginner sets come with a driver, some type of fairway wood or hybrid (or both), a half set of irons with regular loft differences, some type of wedge and, obviously, a putter. Typically, beginner sets come with 9 or 11 clubs and, once the player gets better at the game, they can figure out how to fill in the last few spaces in the bag.

What is the exact price of a good set of golf clubs for beginners?

This is a difficult question to answer because some sets have been designed to come at a cheaper price, while others are made by recognized brands such as TaylorMade or Callaway, and as a result come with a higher price tag. Realistically, you can spend anywhere from around 300 euros (Macgregor CG3000) to around 1000 euros (Callaway Warbird or TaylorMade RBZ Speedlite), so while this doesn’t have an exact answer, we can say that you should be aware of how much you are willing to spend on a beginner set, and then choose accordingly.

What is the main difference between buying a complete set and buying individual sticks?

The main difference, or should we say advantage, of buying clubs individually is that you have much more freedom. There are many professionals who don’t have equipment contracts because they want to be able to chop and change as they please, and use different clubs that they like the look, performance and feel of. At the other end of the golf spectrum, buying a set is ideal for beginners because it often saves a lot of time and money because all it requires is a single purchase which can be very inexpensive as well.

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